Universal Design

Universal Design

In 2018 we introduced a new feature to the Scarlet Opus Trend Hub at the Decor+Design exhibition in Melbourne; our ‘She Says …’ seminar series. Women make up a big majority of the visitors and we thought it might be inspiring, well received and certainly interesting, if there was a programme of talks by-women-for-women. Of course, men were welcome to join us for any of the seminars (and some did), but the speakers were all female. And what a success it was!

In searching for women to speak, content, experience, passion and purpose were our primary criteria. We found many great speakers, you can read about them here. But, one speaker in particular inspired me to think about design, buildings and some specific everyday features in an entirely different way.

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2019 Design Trend Inspiration for Retail, Residential & Workplace Interiors

2019 Design Trend Inspiration for Retail, Residential & Workplace Interiors

Do you have a product development, or redesign to complete early in January? Or an interior design scheme to begin? Maybe a workplace project to consider?

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Workplace Design: ‘Home Office’ = Employee Wellbeing

Workplace Design: ‘Home Office’ = Employee Wellbeing

When we go to work something happens and we rarely notice, it’s a subconscious event that happens, a self-preservation thing. It would take an awful lot of effort, not to mention training & practice to stop, change or control. But, it’s the source of much low-level stress; not a ‘good stress’ type (although I’ve never really believed there is such a thing).

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Why Coworking spaces are the Future of the Workplace Industry.

Why Coworking spaces are the Future of the Workplace Industry.

Coworking spaces are a global phenomenon and are vastly changing the landscape of employment. According to the 2018 Global Coworking Survey; 1.7 million people will be working in around 19,000 coworking spaces around the world by the end of 2018; and we, at Scarlet Opus, are no exception.

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2017 Trend Privacy for Workplace, Residential & Hospitality Interiors

2017 Trend Privacy for Workplace, Residential & Hospitality Interiors

We have released our Autumn/Winter 2016/17 Pinterest board; PRIVACY. This board will give you all the inspiration you need for interior & tableware product design & marketing, to fashion & workplace design; plus furniture styles.




This is a trend that addresses the increasing desire for privacy in our lives, in our work life, in our social life and even in our online presence. We’ve reached a critical tipping point now where having shared so much information; and for some of this information being misused; we want to regain control. It is a calm, simple and ordered style that explores concealing, revealing and unexpected transparencies.



Furniture companies are now taking on board the idea of nesting and privacy to create products that enable social solitude in the workplace. Open working environments inevitably mean more noise levels, distractions and interruptions; sometimes we need a quiet place to take refuge and really focus on a task alone… furniture can provide the answer.



A simplistic and edited-down approach is crucial, but it is also inviting, there is a sense of softness, curvaceousness and plain smoothness; it is simply modern. The elements of concealing and revealing are being explored by designers; some product areas appear blurred or frosted and there is a play on revealing or exposing things that are normally hidden or concealed.


The greatest luxury of the past decade has been time, but as we stride ahead into a digital era we predict that the next greatest luxury will be privacy…

Links to all images can be found on our Pinterest Board.

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