What is Trend Forecasting?

As Trend Forecasters we analyse + interpret the global forces shaping consumer trends. 

... and then work out what they mean for you. Working together with our clients with Foresight+Consumer trend intelligence we build lasting commercial success for them. With detailed & accurate insights about the future of Life.Work.Leisure tailored to meet each client's individual needs, and collaborative effort, world class product and marketing strategies come to life. Client teams are able to understand and adapt to shifting consumer landscapes. Combined with our experience in brand strategy we're able to take our research skills a step further - in collaboration with our clients, we delve deeply to gain a thorough understanding of their audience and their position within the market.

What is Trend Forecasting?

Trend Forecasting is about analysing and interpreting the global forces shaping consumer trends.

We predict why and when a trend will emerge.

Why and how a trend will be reinforced.

Why and how a trend will shift direction.

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How YOU can benefit from Trend Forecasting?

Identifies opportunities for you and your business to do brilliant things.

  Empowers you to be and act with confidence.

Allows more, much more, time to consider, plan & action successful marketing, product development, design. 

Ensures you stay relevant by enabling you to respond to the right trends at the right time.

Provides you with the language and messaging that will ensure your marketing connects with consumers.

Gives our clients inspiration, confirmation, validation, ideation ... certainty 

Demonstrates your understanding of current trends allowing your business to truly engage with consumers.

Ensures you’re ready for the future ... whatever it holds.

Why do Companies use Trend Forecasting?

Foresight+Trend intelligence tailored to an individual client's specific needs facilitates informed decision-making by teams throughout the business; Brand, Marketing, sales, poduct development, customer service, manufacturing, retail, recruitment, design.

We're Foresight+Trend experts to companies in many sectors: The Built Environment & everything designed for use in it - Homes, Gardens, Hospitality Venues, Workplace, Retail, Transport, Travel+Tourism.

Our clients are manufacturers, retailers, exhibition organisers, trade associations, interior designers, architects, product designers, Marketing & PR Agencies, Resort Onwers ... we love being asked to work in new sectors, on new products or services.

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