Victoria set up Scarlet Opus in 2003 and runs the company under the guiding principle: Fairness in all things. Our Lead Futurist with an enviable wealth of knowledge in design, fashion, interiors, sustainability, technology, history, politics - Victoria is highly skilled at analysing and interpreting the global forces shaping consumer trends. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and sharing it in a way that inspires and excites people to do fantastic things. A proud feminist, she has been a huge supporter of the young female Design students at Huddersfield University where she has been a guest lecturer since 2005. A passion for etymology and commas, and a genuine obsession with continuity… and cheese also feature!



COO Chief of Other (Stuff No One Wants to Take Care Of)

A ‘say it as it is’ person, Phil is the grounding force behind the Scarlet Opus team. He likes to keep things real, whilst at the same time championing our biggest and boldest ideas. Passionate about encouraging young entrepreneurs, for the past 12 years he’s acted as a mentor to both under and postgraduates at Lancaster University and The University of Central Lancashire, sitting on judging panels for entrepreneurial, product design, and sales award events and projects. Phil loves the freedom we all have as members of the Scarlet Opus team.



Lead No-one understands what I do

Our brilliant Designer, Laura, joined Scarlet Opus way back in 2014. Never happier than when travelling, experiencing new cultures, new people, and new adventures, Laura combines her work life with her passions – she loves to travel ‘off grid’ and can often be found hiking in the Canadian Rockies, but is also a self-proclaimed “home bird”.  Laura brings exceptional design skills to the team and is at her creative best when faced with an unpredictable challenge. She loves the creative freedom of her job, “The company are always open to exploring new ideas and are open-minded about unconventional approaches”.



Head of The Map

Shelley is our resident Strategist. Fascinated by culture, behaviour, and innovation, she understands that great communication is simply about genuine connections with people. She is an advocate for the progression being made in the media surrounding representation and visibility which is resulting in a wave of communications that are landing with greater impact and meaning. She loves working with fearless brands who stand for something and put their voice to it.