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We've designed the Scarlet Opus trend subscription to provide affordable access to consumer insights + trend intelligence to micro-businesses and Freelancers.

Macro trend drivers, Consumer insights,
Colour + Design direction

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New content monthly

Consumer insights

Foresight into the shifting consumer landscape, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your future audience.

Colour Communication

Highlighting key colours + colour stories with practical applications for product, styling + marketing.

People + Planet

Talking about the core sustainability issues consumers care about and how you can develop your sustainability strategy.

Trend drivers

Identifying the global events and key issues driving macro consumer + design trends, and what this means for you and your business.

Design direction

Focus on the key trending surface pattern designs + prints, textures, and effects, with practical applications.

Product focus

Zooming in on a particular product area, thinking about design, packaging, styling + merchandising, and marketing.

What people say

"Amazing - next level! Innovative ideas, very inspirational and eye opening. As always, I feel confident and gain clarity after your presentation year after year. Great insight for what is happening around the world and what we may expect for the future."

decor + design

Seminar attendee at Decor + Design Show

"This was one of the most thought-provoking pieces I’ve heard in a long time. I was thoroughly engaged and positively challenged throughout. Very much appreciate you sharing this insight, it’s extremely valuable and will make many of us pause to consider how we go forwards."


Matthew Canwell
Lifetime Brands

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What you'll get in the hub 

As a member you can expect:

  • ACCESS to exclusive content from our macro trend reports
  • INSPIRING colour + design content which you can apply with confidence
  • MARKETING ideas to help ensure your business remains relevant + competitive with the big brands
  • PROMPTS to help apply the trends + inspire new ideas
  • EXCLUSIVE access to show content, podcasts, live webinars and more!


  • INVITATION to join our Masterclass: How to Forecast Trends launching later this year

Terms + Conditions

There’s no contract. This is your subscription and it can be cancelled at any time, although we’re confident you’ll want to come back for the next month of inspiring new content!

Subscription Options:

  • Monthly = £19 per month (plus any applicable VAT/Tax)
  • Quarterly = £48 every 3 months (plus any applicable VAT/Tax)
  • Annual = £174 every 12 months (plus any applicable VAT/Tax)

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  1. Go to Settings
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  3. Under ‘Pre-approved payments’, click Manage pre-approved payments
  4. Use the filter to select Scarlet Opus and click Cancel
  5. Finally!!! Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request

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Refund Policy

  • If you’re a pay-monthly subscriber no refunds apply.
  • If you’re a quarterly subscriber, you will be refunded one-third of the subscription fee actually paid per whole month remaining.
  • If you’re an annual subscriber, you will be refunded one-twelfth of the subscription fee actually paid for each whole month remaining.

Please note that refunds can only be made back onto the credit/charge/debit card used to pay for the subscription and issued via PayPal.

Subscription provides access to Consumer and Design Foresight + Trends content as described on our ‘SO Trend Hub’ page. You’ll also have access to ‘Subscriber Only’ offers, purchasing this content will always be your choice.

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