Insights & Intelligence of Future Trends in:    

Consumer Behaviour, Product & Service Design, Marketing Strategy & Content, Workplace / Residential / Hospitality / Education Interiors, Urban Planning & Travel 

We track the changes in consumer behaviour, taste, needs and desires, and can accurately predict what they will buy 2 years into the future. Our bespoke & proven trend forecasting services can be tailored to your specific business needs:

  • Product Development: flooring, furniture, kitchens, workplace, cutlery, homewares, housewares, consumer goods, stationery, automotive interiors, wallcovering ….
  • Marketing Content, plans, campaigns and strategy
  • Interior design & styling
  • Housing development and urban design
  • retail product offers, customer experiences and merchandising
  • Food & dining trends for restaurants, cafes & hotels
  • travel & tourism trends

Choosing what products to make or sell involves a great deal of risk, uncertainty and often, quite a few sleepless nights. Imagine what life & your business would be like if you knew exactly what your customers wanted to buy … and had more time than ever to meet that demand.

Our trend forecasting expertise empowers manufacturers & retailers of products for the entire ‘World of Interiors’, to accurately pinpoint what consumers want to buy, before the consumers know themselves! Our clients have up to 2 years in which to plan, design, make and launch new products to meet those needs … the pressure’s off!

Our clients know the full detail about which trends will impact their business and why; even more importantly, the insight we provide helps them know exactly how to capitalise on those trends. No matter what you make for the built environment and interiors world, our trend forecasting will inform you in unrivaled detail, about the precise colours, patterns, materials, textures and shapes to use in your product development.

Your risks will be minimal and your costs under control. Your company’s revenues, profits & market share will grow and you’ll sleep contentedly, safe in the knowledge that you are making and selling exactly the right products, at the right time … every time!

It starts with a conversation …

It costs nothing to chat, so get in touch now and let’s talk about how we could help your company overcome the challenges of uncertainty to grow and thrive.

Scarlet Opus trend forecasting services enable our clients to future-proof their businesses; some want more sales, profits, market share, brand awareness, increased shareholder value, certainty, long-term and some simply want some sleep!

Our role is to let you know which future trends are relevant to your business … why and how you can capitalise on them. 

Our clients are mostly in the following sectors:

  • Retailers of all and any products for the home & garden (Dept Stores, DIY, Independents, arts and craft …)
  • Manufacturers of products for the home, workplace, hospitality, gardens & outdoor spaces (from furniture to cutlery, flooring to desks, kitchens to summerhouses)
  • Hotel, Guest House & Restaurant owners wanting to know about the future of decor, food trends, customer experience
  • Travel & Tourism companies
  • Product Design Companies
  • Marketing, PR & Management Consultant Agencies
  • Universities, colleges and schools for design, career, sales & marketing lectures, workshops, modules.

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