Summer Playlist 2023

August marks 20 years of Scarlet Opus and we're celebrating with a summer playlist! We've put together 20 of our favourite tracks, remixed with a chill, summer vibe! We hope you enjoy! 

Our entire reason for being is to help create a better future and we believe collaboration is key.

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When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke. We’re committed to working alongside you and your team, translating and applying the trends through the lens of your business.


Consumer insight. Industry innovation. Design direction. Our reports provide a detailed understanding of what’s driving change and the key shifts impacting consumer behaviour.


We love sharing knowledge in a way that empowers and excites people to do fantastic things! Our seminars and events are designed to create impact and inspire conversation.









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What is Trend Forecasting?

Trend Forecasting is about analysing and interpreting the global forces shaping consumer trends. We predict why and when a trend will EMERGE. Why and how a trend will be REINFORCED. Why and how a trend will SHIFT DIRECTION.

  • “I've never known the team at Scarlet Opus to get a trend wrong, and they think hard how trends relate to us, and indeed, if they are translatable or not onto our product range.”

  • "We are big fans of Scarlet Opus. Working with trend predictors is all about getting ahead of the game with confidence so it is no surprise that some of the most successful suppliers and retailers currently in the market work with them."

  • “By far I have gotten more compliments on Victoria than any other of our prior speakers!!!"

  • “Great presentations. Lots of amazing ideas for us to get stuck into. After last year, just wanted you to know, Mellow Yellow is flying for us! So thank you."

  • “Having worked closely with the super team at Scarlet Opus for many years I absolutely suggest getting in contact to gain invaluable consumer trends insight and competitive advantage."

  • "From the start, we’ve been a company that has mined human insights and applied them through design to an ever-changing world. You have excelled in your field through your vision; you are embracing the future as you shape it."