Consumer & Design Trend Forecasting 

Insights: For the Future of Lifestyle. Living. Working.  

A team of futurists enjoying identifying macro consumer & design Trends for the built environment, the world of interiors and the activities in them. Living, learning, working, playing, entertainment and more.    

Our clients, collaborators & associates are Retailers, Manufacturers, Interior Architects/Designers, members of consumer & trade press  associated with the world of interiors. Working with them to future-proof their businesses; some want more sales, profits, market share, brand awareness, increased shareholder value and some simply want security. 

Our responsibility and role is to let them know which future trends are relevant to their business … and why! 

Changing uncertainty into positive opportunity.  Turning future Trend Intelligence into profitable new ventures. Leveraging Trend Intelligence to create unique & sustainable competitive advantages for each customer. Allowing each client to reach achievement of their chosen future.

Knowing what is coming next in your market sector, helps you to de-risk innovation & drive growth in any business, new or existing.

Future Trend Intelligence informs marketing strategy, sales activities, New & existing product development & workplace design. As a team we cause seismic, positive advancement, inspiration and guidance for client teams. Improving results in all business areas and by all business measures.

Trends are derived from in-depth research of ‘change & development’ in Politics, culture, society, the environment, science/medicine/biology & technology; & the constant assessment of how these changes might impact behaviour in society, & then a prediction of how behavioural change will affect what people want to surround themselves with.

Knowledge of the future is a powerful business tool. Minimizing all risks providing insight to enable leaders & managers to make more informed decisions about product & service design, brand development, marketing strategies that are totally aligned with customer desires. Retailers can design world class customer experiences. Workplaces designed to attract and retain the best talent.

The future wants, needs and desires of consumers; we get very specific about colour, pattern, materials, texture, surface effects & finishes, shape, food, experience … clients tell us that working with us provides exceptional returns on their investment in us and … joyful!  

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