Material Trends: Interior Products 2018

In this short video, Victoria explains some of the more uncommon materials being used at the cutting edge of design to support the continued drive for sustainability in all areas of our lives. Fish skin, old magazines, nuts and even rice …………

Designers across the globe are trying to reduce the ecological effect of their work, architects and interior experts are choosing to look to new realms & frontiers in search of new, sustainable materials.

Some of the surface textures in these materials are very special and they feel beautiful to touch. Through the continued improvement in the management of industry processes (food, fashion etc) these by-products are readily availability and therefore have negligible impact on our environment.

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Artisans, Craftsmanship & Contemporary Design – 2017 Trends

“Products made by loving hands in small volumes….” this is the beginning of the end of buying ‘stuff’ just because we can …..  perhaps…..

Our Favorite ‘Look’ for Interiors this Christmas – 2015

As we head into December have you decided how to dress your shop window for Christmas 2015? Do you know how the Christmas Lunch table will be dressed in your home? What will the ‘look’ be that you create in your hotel or restaurant?

If you’re someone who hasn’t yet decided maybe this idea will help. Thinking about the Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 design trends we think that the one below is our favorite; in fact we’ve already seen many retailers use this color palette and it looks #SOCool.


We see a handcrafted look that takes inspiration from nature in a neutral and metallic palette. Gold and silver tonal embellishments make it a rustic but luxurious style for Christmas tableware, decorations, windows and the all important Tree! Consider sequin table cloths, glitter rimmed glasses and wood textured graphics to add to the rusticity with greater emphasis on the mixing of cold and warm metallics.


The color palette is quite stunning, very quiet, extremely glamorous and very ‘Christmassy’! It makes a great retail window, wonderful restaurant decor and it would be fun pulling it all together. Imagine a Christmas tree in your hotel reception or the lounge at home dressed in glittery baubles and accessories ……..








Metal surfaces in particular show signs of wear via a variety of effects; crackled looks reveals the color of the surface below. Leather–like crinkles and tarnishing are key. The knitted effect is relevant here to demonstrate an element of comfort. This is contrasted with pearlescent or matte metallic silk-like materials in soft blush tones. Deep grained woods or leather grain work alongside these cleaner textures to create that interesting mix of craft and luxury.

Bringing everything together it could look something like this ….

4It’s a luxurious look that’s sophisticated & glam but definitely not ostentatious or showy. Take a look down your local high street, we’re sure that you’ll see the warm metallics already being used by some in their merchandising and definitely visible in many restaurants.

What do you think? If you need any help or want to share your ideas feel free, after all it is Christmas! Have fun all ……..

Interested in Forecasting Design Trends for Interiors? Hurry they’re coming to an End …..

At this year’s Decor + Design Show the Scarlet Opus lead team provided several show features for visitors that centered around Trends. Future Design Trends for Interiors, a translation of Consumer desires into Retail outlet design, tours of 15 exhibiting companies with products that reflected elements of design trends for 2016 into 2017 and more.

As a part of our involvement with the show this year (which also incorporated the Australian International Furniture Fair) Victoria was invited by a ‘Business Journalist’ and DJ (Michael Williams) onto his show airing on national radio station ABC. In our experience, when a radio or TV show host asks for an interview to be pre-recorded, it’s usually so that they can edit it in such a way as to provide an entertainment factor, rather than a factual, fair or even interesting business report of a chosen subject.

During the interview Victoria was asked some great questions by Michael and yet he also made some ‘just for comic effect’ comments that could have been used to deride the subject of Trend Forecasting. To some, even me at times, it can be the butt of a few comical (some might say sarcastic) comments “where did you buy your crystal ball” hahahaha …… We have been expecting an edited version of this interview to follow the format of our previous experiences. Experiences I hasten to add that have been associated with ‘some’ instances where we have worked with the ‘consumer/public facing’ media. It is not something we have experienced when working with media in the ‘trade’.

Imagine our surprise and delight when discovering that in fact, Michael Williams & ABC Radio had aired a really good edition of the interview. One that allowed him to provide some of the humour that has made him so popular, and yet provide an interview for his listeners to tune into, on the subject of ‘Design Trends for Interiors’ that was informative and interesting. Anyone working in the field of Interior Design, Architecture or in the manufacture and retail of interior products that listened will have been not only entertained by a local DJ but encouraged to tune into his show again. We were!

Of course, you are justified in thinking that I am biased in my view; no-one looks forward to the prospect of colleagues, or their company being the subject of someone else’s humour or feeling their work is being ridiculed. But, this short posting is made with the sole intent of acknowledging the unbiased view and professionalism of one DJ/Journalist down in Melbourne, Australia called Michael Williams; he has somewhat restored our faith in the broadcasting media – Thank you Michael and ABC Radio of Australia.

It’s a 12 minute  covering stuff such as how do you get to be a Trend Forecaster; what’s the connection between fashion and interior trends; how does it help business and what does it give the consumer. It also touches on current trends perhaps leading to the ‘demise of Trend Forecasting’!

But as always the team at Scarlet Opus is most interested in what YOU think of the interview? I’d be delighted to hear your opinion and to answer any questions you may have after listening to it………………

Not clicked on a ‘Link’ to listen to Victoria’s interview yet? Do it here, do it now 🙂 …..