Trendbook Offer: Visually Stunning 2015 Design Trends – Interiors

2015 Design Trendbook for Everything Interiors  

For a special price of just £60 you can get all the inspiration you’ll need to support your creativity this year. Purchase our 2015 Design Trends report.

This 75 page document includes 4 different design trends applicable to anything ‘interiors’ and outlines our background research including fashion and architecture, as well as a guide to material, shape, pattern, texture, and surface effects. Each trend includes a colour palette with Pantone Fashion + Home and Formula Guide Coated/Uncoated references. A perfect source of inspiration for product designers, marketing teams, interior designers, retailers for merchandising and window dressing – absolutely perfect. See the wealth of visually stunning inspiration below:

Page Preview

Materials shapefashion colourpattern

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Got a question? call phil / Victoria or Laura +44 (0)1482 870360

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Top 10 Colours for 2015

So here we are once again bringing you the top ten colours for this coming year. This is one of our most important posts where we look at both the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter colour forecasts, these 10 essential hues will be significant within the world of interiors, influencing the direction of both marketing and retail sectors. From earthy and rich to cold and crisp this beautiful mix of unexpected tones provides you with a valuable insight into 2015.

Don’t forget these colours are placed in no particular order, they are simply individual swatches that we forecast to be important throughout 2015. I hope you enjoy the post and have a very Merry Christmas!

1. Primal Red

Earth Red

2. Steel Silver

Steel Silver3. Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue

4. Rustic Amber


5. Soft Membrane


6. Iridescent Cellophane

Irredescent Cellophane7. Lilac Haze

Lilac Haze

8. Lucite® Green

Lucite Green 9. Marble Grey

Marble Grey

10. Coral Shrimp


For more information on our full trend report or future colour forecasts please contact

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How to Use S/S2015 Design Trends in Product … Get Inspired!

Today I Love… Bohemian Brights

The summer may be nearly over for us here in Europe but we are still inspired by this vibrant colour palette moving us towards Spring/Summer 2015. This fusion of digital and handcrafted elements creates a tribal, cultural aesthetic, with basket weaved, woven, tufted, fringed and beaded features. Continue reading

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Trend Preview – Re.Found Spring/Summer 2015

Today I’m excited to give you a sneak peek at one of our Spring/Summer 2015 trends: Re.Found. This will be my last blog posting whilst working at Scarlet Opus, so it seemed fitting to bring you a preview of one of the trends I was working on when I first started my placement a year ago (I can’t believe how fast time has flown by!)

Inspiration and Influence

Re.Found moves on from current trends that explore our desire to connect with nature, and our surroundings. It is based on a search for simplicity – we have a new appreciation of raw materials, ancient skills and ancestral wisdoms as we, as a society, have a growing desire to feel more grounded and protected in order to disconnect from the uncertain, online world we now live in.

The trend is far more than tribal arts and crafts, however. We become inspired by ancient tribes’ self-sufficiency, resilience and respect for nature, and for one another.

Here you can see a few of the projects and designs influencing this trend:


1. The Batumi Aquarium by Henning Larsen Architects (to be completed in 2015) is inspired by pebbles shaped by the elements; 2. A Mirror Darkly by Nick Ross is inspired by the ancient use of ceramic bowls of water as table top mirrors; 3. Arik Levy’s Rock is a collection investigating rock formations; 4. Ancestry by Bill Viola is part of a video series dealing with the concept of ancestral memory; 5. Museum for African Art by RAMSA Partners will open on Museum Mile in New York, aiming to be a beacon of African Art & Culture and a gathering place for the vast African diaspora.

Materials, Textures and Effects

The look of this trend, therefore, is bold and primitive with an unexpectedly sophisticated edge.

Textures are deep and authentic in contrast to the smoothness of modern technology that we are increasingly surrounded by. Surfaces appear as though they’ve been exposed to the elements – think wet, gritty, oxidized, heat scorched, cracked and flaking.

A key factor in this trend is ‘material mash-ups’ – designers will combine everything from metals to wood to natural stone and ceramics together to create an interesting new aesthetic.

In terms of pattern, we zoom in on nature – think of bark, rock layers and dappled light effects as well as batik wax resists, woodblock printing and bleeding and bleaching techniques in contrast to tessellated and fragmented geometrics.

Materials-Textures-and-Effects-Montage1. Anisotrop by Florian Hundt is a wood veneer that assumes different shapes depending on the amount of moisture on the wood; 2. Crushed gold surface by Fahmeed Khalique; 3. Ruched Woven Leather by Fahmeed Khalique 4. Algarve Pillow by Margo Selby; 5. Geometric floor paintings made from sand by Elvira Wersche 6. Pressed Epoxy Clay by Floris Wubben emphasizes the importance of human actions in creating objects; 7. Fragments by Lee Borthwick is inspired by untamed open spaces 8. Wall Sconce by Carolyn Kinder 9. Cracked Earth by KAZA Concrete

Emerging Products

Shapes and products are heavy and grounded displaying a bold simplicity. This includes stacked rocks, fractured blocky and disrupted shapes as well as patchwork effects that convey an urgency and necessity.

We can see products starting to emerge that convey these aesthetics, including some interesting product concepts from the recent Milan Design Week 2014.


1. Chestnut and Ash by Sebastian Cox for Benchmark uses coppiced timber; 2. Integument by Carly Vickers is a bowl representing the smooth interior and resilient exterior of seedpods; 3. Modern Stone + Flint Tools by Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow juxtaposes ancient flint tools with modern 3D scanned and printed handles; 4. Rock by Arik Levy; 5. Salmon DrumTables by Sabina Hill use natural fish leathers 6. Big Pillar by Formafantasma is inspired by the culture of lava; 7. Pebble Stool by Ginger and Jagger imitates stacked pebbles in natural woods and hammered metal; 8. In Vein by Ben Storms is a marble table that doubles as a standing mirror.

Victoria will be talking about this trend (and many more of the season’s trends) in full detail at the seminar Design & Colour Trends for Interiors 2015 & Beyond at  Decor + Design 2014 in Melbourne at 12pm on Thursday 10th July. She will also be presenting a brief look at how we forecast design trends at Scarlet Opus. Find out more and book your ticket here!

If you aren’t based in Australia – or cant make it to the show – and would like to find out more information about the season’s trends just email Phil at


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