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When we say bespoke, we mean bespoke. We’re committed to working alongside you and your team, translating and applying the trends through the lens of your business.


Consumer insight. Industry innovation. Design direction. Our reports provide a detailed understanding of what’s driving change and the key shifts impacting consumer behaviour.


We love sharing knowledge and ideas in a way that empowers and excites people to do fantastic things. Our seminars, workshops and events are designed to create impact and inspire conversation.


Our bespoke consultancy service will help you identify opportunities for growth + innovation, understand what the trends mean for your business, and when + how to activate them.

Our team will work with you to:

  • Understand which macro trend drivers should inform your product + marketing ideas
  • Understand the evolving expectations, attitudes, and behaviours of your future consumer
  • Reach and engage with new consumers and market areas
  • Develop new brand and marketing strategies that will ensure you remain relevant into the future
  • Inspire your content marketing and human-centric storytelling
  • Identify key colours, materials, and design aesthetics, ensuring you maximise sales with future product lines that land with impact, at the right time

We will deliver:

  • Bespoke trend reports and presentations
  • Innovation workshops to inspire your team and ignite creative thinking
  • Access to our team of experts, getting involved in your design and marketing process

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Why choose us?

30+ Years
Industry Experience.

Global Foresight and
Industry Knowledge.

Change the Narrative.
Think Differently.


Our trend reports are an invaluable tool offering Designers, Manufacturers, Retailers, and Marketers a glimpse into the future. Packed with links to studies + research reports, innovative projects, Thought Leaders and trusted Experts, latest work from New Designers, enlightening videos + podcasts, and more…

  • Explore what is driving social, economic, environmental, and technological change
  • Delve into our consumer insights to understand changing consumer lifestyles, attitudes, and behaviours
  • Inspire product design direction and brand experiences



Our seminars, workshops, and event installations are renowned worldwide, carefully designed + curated to create impact and ignite conversation.

We have been commissioned by:

  • Leading international trade shows to deliver trend seminars, design and deliver trend tours to key buyers, and design and build trend hubs and installations
  • Associations and Organisations to deliver trend presentations to members
  • Agents to deliver bespoke showroom presentations and workshops to clients
  • Business leaders to deliver in-house presentations on the Future Workplace, Future of Retail, A Sustainable Future and much more

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Who we work with

We are lucky to work with a diverse range of Brands across multiple industries, helping them understand what the shifts across the consumer landscape mean for them, creating products, services + experiences consumers will want + need.

Our clients include Retailers + Manufacturers, Urban Planners, Architects + Designers of Residential, Workplace, Hospitality, Educational + Health spaces.