Top 6 Stationery Products spotted at the London Stationery Show 2018

We have picked 6 of our favourite products spotted at the London Stationery Show. These inspiring exhibitors showcased innovative and thought-provoking designs that caught our eye in terms of trend direction for 2019.

The particular themes we were focused on included; finding products that have an eco conscious agenda; with regards to sustainability and having a positive impact on the environment. In all aspects of life consumers; more than every before; are wanting a greater connection to the natural world. This ever increasing desire directed us to find items that encourage this relationship; inspiring and motivating us to explore, discover and embrace the outdoors. We were also in search of products that have deeper meaning; supporting us to own less and consider personal reflection, wellbeing and balancing out our digitally dominated lives. We are delighted to share this selection with our blog readers…

Paper Mirchi 

This innovative company produce gift wrap which is hand crafted by specialist artisans in India using recycled cotton paper; textile scraps are used to manufacture the product. As consumers, we are increasingly aware of our environmental impact and therefore we are beginning to make much more carefully considered choices; meaning we are gravitating towards companies and products that share our sustainable values. Each sheet of paper is individually crafted making each one entirely unique. This beautiful marbled paper comes in a variety of colors, we particularly love the swirling, smoky grey and lustrous gold colour way. See more of our trend hub display here.

Abrams & Chronicle Books – a distributor of gift items, stationery and illustrative books. In our fast-paced, technology-dominated lives we need to strike a balance between hi-tech and convenience and low-tech, hands on, slow activities that ground us… often this means connecting to nature. Citizen Farmers is an inspirational guide to anyone wanting to join the ‘good food’ revolution whether an urban or country dweller. It takes you through the basics on how to establish your own BioDynamic garden; a holistic take on farming that enables you to become more connected to the food you eat. Small Adventures Journal and 50 Places to Hike Before You Die also encourages us to get out, connect with Nature and have an adventure.


Stunning new collection from Castelli called Wabi Sabi fits our Imperfect Beauty trend perfectly. Castelli have translated the ancient art of Kintsugi, as well as the philosophy of Wabi Sabi onto note books in 3 different color ways and textures. This look represents a new type of luxury that it earthen and explores the beauty of both ancient skills and an appreciation of perfectly imperfect product design. (Check out our previous blog post on how to create this look in your home).


This remarkable product answers the increasing demand from consumers to address the depletion of the worlds natural resources, with regards to the materials we use to manufacture products and for greater consideration for sustainability and waste. This reusable gift wrap is made from a strong, tear resistant hybrid that can be used over and over again, and at the end of its long life can be recycled. The gift wrap is designed to be scrunched up and stored in a tin until you’re ready to use it, furthermore each sheet has an individual number so that you can track its story. You can follow where in the world the sheet travels to and what special occasions it was used for.

Type & Story

This notebook duo is part of their A/W18 collection which explores ‘Balance’ and what it means in todays busy world. These notebooks encourage contemplation, quiet reflection and slowing down in order to have some respite from the fast pace of modern life. They act as a gentle reminder to tune into ourselves, paying closer attention to our thoughts, feelings, memories and aspirations. They even focus on the act of writing in itself, its meditative qualities and the sense of relief when we’ve got something down on paper. The gold foiled and mellow pastel marble designs are available both individually or as part of a balancing set; one with the structure of graph paper and the other with the freedom of plain paper; perfect companions.


A croatia-based team who are inspired by universal symbols that are familiar in geometry, spirituality, art and nature; for example concentric circles, pyramids and the golden ratio. These shapes symbolise deeper concepts like balance, harmony and order. They have designed a collection of products that are all refined, stylish and understated. Each item is satisfyingly weighty and reassuringly solid; a pleasure to hold, look at and interact with; they resonate on an emotional level. These functional objects bring harmony and beauty to everyday rituals; the products we surround ourselves with and interact with can help us find a greater sense of wellbeing in times of uncertainty and constant change.

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