Top 10 Colour Trend Tips For 2011

At the beginning of last year I offered you my musings on the hot colours for 2010 and, because I love continuity, I’ve decided to once again give a glimpse of some the most important colours for interiors and interior products in 2011.

This time around, rather than simply using flat colour chips, I’ve used 10 tiny sections from a selection of our most recent trends boards to offer you a special insight combining colour, texture and form.

You are of course welcome to link to this page on your own blog or cut & paste the information so your readers can benefit too…all we ask is that you mention us as the source 🙂  So in no particular order…

1. WHITE:  I’m going to bypass the debate about whether White is a colour or not and crack-on with explaining why it’s on my list.  White is often seen as a transitional colour concerned with moving from one state to another…like when worn in Western weddings.  So it basically represents Change.  After an intense decade of financial crisis, war, terrorism, mistrust & natural disasters, White expresses our common yearning for peace, clarity, honesty & reason.  White is progressive, futuristic, scientific…but more importantly it is confident, pure, serene & strong.  It communicates order, openness and a direct daring edge.  Investigate ‘Networked’ & ‘Connected’ structures & surface patterns.

2. CHANGEANTS:  This refers to a whole spectrum of special effect colours from opalescent finishes and moonstones to mercurial surfaces and liquid jewel shimmers.  Many of the widely applied Changeant colours will relate to how Light affects White i.e. mother-of-pearl, iridescence and reflective surfaces.  Changeant colours are crucial to 2011 because of the intense personalisation they offer i.e. how I see the colour is different to how you see the colour (dependant on angle & light etc…) and that quality makes us feel special.  It also has the ability to hold our interest longer and we know of many companies who are focussing their development in this direction.

3. POPTASTIC YELLOW:  Yellow was included in my colour line up last year but this time around it’s bright and bold rather than mellow.

Popped-Out colours make their way from the catwalk to our homes giving an injection of fun and optimism.  These are cartoon, comic book hero colours that encourage us to look on the bright side and forge ahead with a stronger spirit.

Yellow will join forces with other brights during 2011 including Magenta and Orange.  Surfaces appear malleable, forms are twisted and the mood is playful and upbeat.

4. CHLOROPHYLL GREEN:  I mentioned this shade when discussing Greens generally last year.  But for 2011 this really is the Green to work with.  Referencing a hyper-real view of nature, it looks stunning with White but is equally at home giving some grounding to Popped-Out Brights and accordingly makes appearances on 2 of our trend boards.  The little square pictured here has been cropped from our Bio Brilliance board which takes inspiration from the merging disciplines of Biology, Ecology & Technology in order to find advanced solutions to our current and future living challenges.       Web-like structures are integral as are honeycombs and pods.

5. ELECTRIC BLUE:  Intense Blues continue to have wide appeal during 2011.  Turquoise and Indigo still rank high as a deep sea atmosphere drenches Home collections.

But if you want to be ahead of the pack and beat the other blues then look to this deep Electric colour.  It has a forward-thinking approach rather than an under-water aesthetic.

Full of rippling energy and verve, it presents the forceful vigour and strength we are looking to adopt as a society as we shift gears to take on the new decade.

6. FIERY EMBERS:  It would be all too easy to propose the obvious connotations here about ‘rising from the ashes’ after the financial crisis.  But in truth the presence of these reds & oranges through to cooler purples is less about great comebacks and more about fears of the future – the influence of last years volcanic eruption and also the beginnings of apocalypse predictions for 2012 coming onto our radars.  The surface effects relate strongly to the Changeant colours at No.2.  But here we see glowing embers and molten lava…hot and cooling aspects combined.  For our Dreamscape Glamour trend Shelley has taken this in a shimmering & liquid jewel direction.

7. GLISTENING BLACK:  Now you might be asking yourself ‘What’s so special about Black that’s worthy of a mention?’…but there is a crucial shift this year in all that shimmers and shines – from Bling to Black!

If your product designs include crystals, glass, sequins, glitters etc… now is the time to develop much darker colourways which will reposition your products from ostentascious and obvious to glamorous and sophisticated.  Black requires a closer look.  It’s more subtle, more intelligent and more mature than clear crystal.

8. PURPLE:  Dark shades of Purple provide the foundation to our Dreamscape Glamour trend.  This year we will see Blue stories being joined by Purple not only in Oceanic themes (through the Spring & Summer seasons) but also Galactic and Dreamworld themes that are out of this world!

Look to the stars for inspiration for surface finishes and look to the world of our imaginations for inspiration for form.  Type ‘galactic’ into a Google Image search and you’ll get the picture!  Shimmering Purples, intense Blues and blackest Black create an otherworldly brilliance.

9. ASH GREY:  Back to our volcanoes again!

Pumice-like surfaces are pitted and powdery in our Defend & Destroy trend with a gritty atmosphere, whilst our Simply Flawless trend presents a more refined and smooooth use of Grey with elegant overtones.  It’s the chameleon of the colour family…taking on the tone of it’s surrounding colours.  From pale almost off-white Greys to dark charcoals, Grey continues to play a pivotal role in colour palettes throughout 2011.    If you haven’t added a Grey colourway to your product range…do so Soon!

10. CAMEL:  Making it’s way from the catwalks to our Homes, Camel colours fit perfectly with New Minimalism.  Warm and quiet, they are more interesting than Creams and Beige’s and more elegant and sophisticated than chocolate Browns (which have been done to death…so move on).

Camel looks amazing when used in conjunction with slightly Mustard tones, Russets, Tans, Black, Greys and even Blues.

It’s our top colour tip for 2011: pleat it, fold it, gather it, twist it, layer it, ruche it, rib it & stretch it!

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Colour Trend Tips For 2011

  1. Yes we agree that pinks will be important during 2011…in fact they play a crucial role in our S/S trend ‘The Feel-Good Factor’. Within this trend pinks are pivotal to a cheerful, optimistic, upbeat energy and mood that has a Miami vibe and a retro twist. We have been looking at flamingo pinks, neon pinks, magenta and sunset pinks all within our 2011 trends.
    Our Top 10 rundown had more of a focus on Autumn/Winter with the aim of giving more of a future focus that we hoped would be of greater use to our readers…and this meant that we didn’t slot in all of the Spring/Summer colours. Pantone is of course a powerful force in forecasting…and if they say Honeysuckle is in then the self-fulfilling element of trend forecasting will most certainly kick into action because many companies will feel nervous not to work with this colour in case they miss a trick.

  2. Loving this, I love greens and usually stick to sagey greens in my home but that acidic green is beautiful.

    After all the talk about honeysuckle, I was expecting it to be mentioned but no, just wondering what your thoughts are on honeysuckle as one of the top colours for this year?

  3. Loved the colours! Bright, optimistic. Love embers together, and the timeless use of black and white combined with bold colours!

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