The Decor + Design show, Melbourne – Trend Hub materials list

A special Hello to everyone who has visited our Trend Hub at Decor + Design 2016. As promised here is a list of the materials on display on the sample table:


  • Maya Romanoff, Fardis, Moire and Platinum Burnish wallcoverings from Muraspec
  • Stylish antique bronzed cutlery from Mepra of Italy
  • Beautiful Electrical Accessories (light switches/power sockets) Focus SB
  • Stunning stabilised reinder Moss – Moss Trends 
  • Silk, washi + silver woven ‘Vein’ and ‘Sugar’ fabrics from HOSOO
  • Organic banana leaf veneers by Beleaf®
  • Burnt Brass from Solomon + Wu
  • Decorative leathers from Casador
  • Embossed leathers from Carina Sohl
  • Perforated Obersound ‘Bark’ acoustic panel in American Walnut from Oberflex
  • Piraruco fish leather from Nova Kaeru via Le Souk
  • Salmon fish leather from Atlantic Leather via Le Souk
  • Brushed Alpaca/Mohair from Bellandi Spa via Le Souk
  • Rayon Kyoto weave and Flax Kyoto wallcovering via Le Souk
  • Ostrich leather from Klein Karoo Int’ via Le Souk
  • Turquoise, Malachite Azurite, Mohave Purple & Green and Apple Coral tiles from the fabulous Gemstone Tiles
  • Clarissa Hulse ‘Callista’ fabric and ‘Callista’ wallpaper collection by Harlequin via Domestic Textile Corporation in Australia
  • Flexible ‘Stoneplex Sand’ wallcovering by Architects Paper via Altfield
  • Asian Canvas wallpaper from Architects Paper
  • Wood/brass/zinc/shell inlay panel by Campioni
  • Beeswax, tree resin & jojoba oil infused hemp & organic cotton Abeego food wrap via Green Pioneer
  • Erafia fabric by Malhia Kent
  • Pewter quilted upholstery EvoFabric ‘Dimensional-Chateaux’ from Concertex
  • Textured black & white banana fabric made in Nepal via Offset Warehouse
  • Cezanne wallpaper handmade from self-sustaining Lokta plants from Weitzner
  • Linea metallic & embossed black leather from Benericetti SRL
  • Cork leather sample of VEGAN carpet and SLEEVE bowl by Rodrigo Vairinhos
  • RE-Y-STONE® bio-composite boards by Dekodur
  • Starflower & Harlequin embossed leather wall tiles by Genevieve Bennett
  • Albany ‘Natural Textures’ wallcoverings by Wallpaper Direct
  • Marmo design from ‘Elements’ wallcoverings collection by Prestigious
  • Marble mosaics by BluePrint Ceramics
  • Textiles by Daniela Evans
  • Textiles by Sophie Lee Wilkinson – To contact Sophie regarding commissions or job offers please email:
  • Various leather, fabric and cork samples (as pictured at the top of this post) by Laura Greenwood of Scarlet Opus
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