The Best Furniture, Lighting & Object Design showcased at VIVID

This highly anticipated industry platform is an important destination for both the local and international design industry. Furniture, Lighting and Object design have been reinvented and showcased as part of the Decor + Design Exhibition in Melbourne.

This year marked the 15th anniversary of the awards programme; dedicated to unearthing and rewarding Australia’s next wave of design talent. Here is a snap shot of some of the finalists that we loved!

Bailey Farmer 
The S Chair is a sleek design encompassing quality materials and quality craftsmanship with elegant curves and gentle structure. I love the raw edge, worn leather and bare, smooth wood combination, Bailey continues to merge traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design in his studio McFarlane Furniture based in Melbourne where he designs and creates stunning furniture and lighting pieces.

Shavendra Goonetilleke
The Infini-t-able is a hand sculpted bent laminated timber coffee table, inspired by the notion of singular and elegance. The concept pushes the boundaries in timber’s physicality and design innovation through bending and twisting capabilities of the material.

Yan Huang
The side-tables are an adaptable design, which can be converted to bonsai trays and planter boxes. It comes with marble or timber tops. The connection pieces are cast concrete painted and finished with gold leafing. Designed and made in Melbourne. Ideal for small and large scale contemporary urban spaces.

This product relates perfectly to our Imperfect Beauty Trend which translates as focusing on a handmade approach but with a luxurious attitude, rusticity makes space for preciousness and ‘luxury’ no longer needs to mean perfection. This trend has an underlying link to Japanese culture; celebrating naturalness, authenticity, peacefulness and simplicity with Wabi Sabi at its core.

Eugenie Kawabata
This piece explores the unique colours of the Australian interior landscape and the interplay of light across this distinctive country at dusk. Each table top is a one-off design and they are sold as a two tiered set. The colour use is bold and intense and fits nicely with our ‘Out of the Ordinary’ Trend palette showcased at Decor & Design 2018. Read more on this trend here.

Marie Lefebvre
Ricocher’s design invites people to slow down and enjoy the peace and serenity that can be experienced while in nature. With its generous curves, Ricocher can be used as meditation seat or a coffee table. Ricocher provides a softness that is making it perfect for relaxing at home. This design encompasses both the aesthetic characteristics and values of our Clarity Trend; where we focus on creating an atmosphere of calm using soothing colours, exaggerated forms and an ethos of creating a space that improves our overall wellbeing.


Inspired by the landscape of the region of Kansai, the Nara range is a versatile and modular collection of furniture pieces and objects. The upholstered bases come in two sizes, and can be complemented with a range of tabletops and accessories, including a mirror and a coat stand.

Dean Toepfer
Aiming to be distinct beyond different; the Rebel Futurism Pendant was designed to capture attention and evoke intrigue. The pendant is counterweighted to be hung asymmetrically with light only emitting from the outer perimeter giving the inside of the piece a hollow void.

Roberto Vessella
The St James Tumbler combines beautiful design and functionality. Crafted from porcelain the Tumblers are finished in a smooth white glaze with an individual paint brush stroke. Each one is unique – designed with the etiquette of saké tasting in mind. The converging rim, enables good grip and flavor gathering.

Olive Gill-Hille
Figure 1 and 2 are designed as complimentary pieces, with interlocking shapes that reference the human body. The stool’s soft, rounded forms are composed of laminated paulownia, a light weight and sustainable plantation timber which is then hand carved and sanded before a soap finish is applied.

Dylan Morgan
The Melt Series began as an attempt to take something that is discarded or overlooked, and transform it into something useable. Recycled HDPE plastic waste is extruded over a steel frame to make the pieces. The process creates a mess of plastic, seemingly frozen in a melting state. A great innovational contribution to the sustainability and reuse of plastic waste.

Anna Harford
This occasional bench has been iterated and prototyped to create an unobtrusive, functional and beautiful addition to a room. The focus of the piece was design for disassembly. Through considered detailing, the bench can be broken down into individual components for reuse and recyclability, and ease of transport.

Nathania Widjanarko
Inspired by geological processes, this piece is the result of layers of experimental chemical reactions between materials whose qualities are formed through the process of ‘addition and subtraction’. Material capabilities of resin, foam and acetone were explored to produce a balance of controlled & uncontrolled outcomes that challenge the perception of these original objects.

David Tate
The Pommel Stool was designed to blend modern contemporary aesthetics with functionality. A stool that was practical, having a variety of uses, was simple and minimal in design, as well as being efficient to produce.

You can find a list of all the finalists HERE.

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