Sneak Peek: 2019 Design Trend for Interiors ‘Radical’

Here is a sneak peek of one of the trends we will be presenting at The International Surface Event taking place in the US in January next year. With the ongoing BREXIT battle taking place in the UK right now, along with heightened global unrest and widespread manipulation of populist politics we feel this trend is apt & worth sharing at this time with you, our readers …

We have named this trend RADICAL it aims to challenge, disrupt, rebel and deconstruct the rules of the norm. It is in response to the established certainties that have been challenged in recent years, for example geographic borders have been questioned, social inequality and intolerance amplified, mega threats heightened and ultimately trust has been corroded.

Images – (Head shot by Tony & Guy, Background mural wall by Camille Walala, Styling by Creative Studio Cocolia Kitchen by Sustainable Kitchens)

Citizens and designers rise up together and grasp the opportunity to create new systems and solutions that don’t require the approval or support of mainstream machines of power, media, money or manufacturing. We begin to disrupt outdated business models and step out of our comfort zones in order to make a difference in this increasingly politicized world.

In order to shape the future… we have to take it into our own hands.

A rebellious and non-conformist attitude will emerge, where styles ignore the dictated ‘must haves’ and even reject accepted notions of cohesive scheme design. Pattern here is an exploration of energetic mark making, spray paint and cultural influences with an expressive collage of symbols and statements.

Images – (Collage by Madame Gilles, Camilla Franks for Designer Rugs, Rutger de Vries Colorscape Installation)

Future thinkers embrace difference through the spaces we live, work and socialize. Products display playful, dynamic geometrics in both pattern and form. This trend is multi-everything; multi-cultural, multi-colored, multi-layered and multi-use.

Images – (Terrazzo effect wallpaper, T-shirt by Pull&Bear, Table by Surface Skins x BLIK, The craft of thread wrapping by Anton Alvarez Stool design by Daae Won)

This trend embraces individualism and freedom! Freedom to do what you want, when you want, wherever you want and the freedom of self expression. Materials, surfaces and effects are brightly colored with an emphasis on recycling. Experiment, explore and push boundaries, be brave and be different but most importantly celebrate individuality in all aspects.

Images – (Ceramic by Nick Parker, Textiles by Tiffany Loy, Marbled Collection by Davide G. Aquini, Model source Adriano B, Mixed Media Materials by Jane Bowler)

Interior design has an ‘Urban Ethnic‘ aesthetic that is bold in mood, there is a show of strength that attempts to convey a solid, positive, playful yet determined certainty about the future. We will be translating this trend specific to flooring design at the Surfaces Event in January, we have a whole host of innovative and inspiring flooring samples to display that demonstrate how to implement a bold, creative expression throughout commercial and residential schemes.

Images – (Colored Wood Jo nagasaka / Schemata ArchitectsAcne StudiosZaha Hadid carpet design, Garbo x VITRA & Sara Regal Alonso)

Knowledge of future design & lifestyle trends will inspire & guide design & marketing teams in their quest to develop products that are more likely to sell in higher volumes and at higher margins. De-risking NPD and enabling earlier marketing strategy production with increased confidence. If you’d like to explore ‘working with trends’ then get in touch; it’s nice to meet new people and chat through new ideas, possibilities and to feel that creative-excitement.

Email Phil or call him on +44 77896 088 996

We hope to see lots of you in Las Vegas in January at the International Surfaces Event!

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