Design Trends AW2019 Interiors

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NB: Whilst headed ‘AW2019’ trends for interiors have longevity and appeal to the mass market for a period of 3-5 years. If you particularly like these styles and themes they are relevant to products for all interiors and outdoor spaces during that period of time.

53 pages packed full of inspiration, information and ideation for product manufacturers, architects, interior designers, home & urban developers, marketing strategists and of course, homeowners with refurbishment projects.

Detailed information about the 4 key macro-design trends that will emerge this coming autumn/winter. Colour palettes, material listings, pattern guidance, shape and texture descriptions. An e-magazine crammed with pictures and words to help you decide which design trend is most relevant to your product, garden, interior and most importantly, your customers.

Macro-trends transcend fads, they have longevity and help to ensure that whatever you are creating, it will be perfect for you, your clients and the next few years.

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