Design Trend AW 20/21 – VISIONARY


‘VISIONARY’ a design trend strengthened by current times. Relevant to the design of all interiors, gardens, cars, homewares, gifts & housewares


We are releasing our trend report A/W20/21 Visionary; a trend created prior to the current pandemic, yet we feel is very relevant in these current circumstances. This trend empowers a Utopian way of life, where people, nature and technology harmoniously work together to create a world where health and happiness is at the forefront. An aesthetic with considerations to material use, digital innovations and sustainability; nurturing an optimistic view of the future… hoping for and expecting something better.

We hope the insights in this Trend Report will encourage designers, architects and creatives to explore new possibilities; to reach out and embrace the future and acknowledge the essentialness of human connection and kindness in the quest for happiness. The 14-page report provides an aesthetic direction, inspiration, information and ideation for product manufacturers, architects, interior designers, home & urban developers and marketing strategists.

It’s now more important than ever to recognise society’s changing behaviours, understand consumer attitudes and adapt to forward thinking intelligence that can guide your future developments. Eliminate the risks, grasp new opportunities and identify long-term changes that will impact your business. For more information please call/text (+44 7896 088 996) or email (

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