NEW: A Community & Collaboration driven Lifestyle & Design Trend – FELLOWSHIP

We’ve just made another of our Pinterest boards available for everyone to see.  The board shares with you, more than 500 images that were used to help us visualise our trend research back in the summer of 2016.
Our Consumer & Design Trend story called ‘FELLOWSHIP’. It’s a style and look that will emerge this summer and have mass market relevance for several years. It’s fun, colourful and very positive.

Design Trend SS2020 for Homedecor

We presented FELLOWSHIP to our clients in 2016 (how long ago does that feel now!) having this future-vision in such detail so long before their customers would be ready for it, allowed them plenty of time in which to explore, plan & implement new product development, marketing campaigns and customer presentations. Everyone works more efficiently and gives of their best when they are not constantly having to think, create and ‘do’ without time to stop, relax and consider every once in a while.
The global pandemic (Covid-19 if you’re reading this in the future) and its impact on our behaviour, wants, needs & desires; is only serving to strengthen the relevance of the FELLOWSHIP trend. The story and motivation of this trend’s tribe, is centered around the power of the collective, as they rise up as a community of collaborators. People assuming a global outlook instilling hope, positivity and empowerment.
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Inspiration and ideas for: workplace design, interior styling for all interior types, new product development of furniture, kitchen, bathroom, housewares, garden design, DIY, retail stores & merchandising, wedding themes and so much more.
A design trend for the future of ‘Lifestyle.Living.Working.Playing.’
If you develop a question or two concerning how best to translate the FELLOWSHIP trend elements into or for your work, just email me and we’ll get right back to you with the answer …
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