Kitchen Trends you’d want to know about…

In recent times at The Exclusively Shows in our visitor-feature ‘The Trend Hub’, we outlined 2 key trends for kitchenware and shared specific content about color palettes, smarter material use and food-direction influencing consumer purchases and lifestyle choices. The Consumer Trend information we shared is still relevant for 2021 and beyond … once again you’ll be able to visit our event features at the same show in August this year.

(Image – Ladelle)

The first trend links with the ‘Wellness Kitchen‘ a desire to live in a space that presents a Minimalist mindset that advocates owning less stuff and exercising restraint so that our lives can be simpler and more meaningful. CLARITY is a trend essentially about Simplification – we want to filter out all the constant content we are bombarded with in order to make purer choices and tune-in to ourselves. We seek out products that are calming and favor colors that are soothing, in order to create a sense of stillness that improves overall Wellbeing.

Here is a short video of some of the products showcased on our CLARITY Trend Display…

How to create your own Mindful Kitchen at home…

  • The first step towards establishing a Wellbeing Kitchen is for our kitchen & dining spaces to be centered on simplicity. This has a therapeutic effect because it results in an ordered, organised, uncluttered,tranquil and relaxed environment.
  • The visibility and easy accessibility of healthy produce is key; for example food storage solutions by Brabantia and Joseph Joseph act as a gentle visual reminder to eat well and include healthy ingredients (like beans & grains) in meals. ‘Out of sight is out of mind’, so these kind of products help consumers to build a habit of awareness as they see the produce on worktops in the food prep area. They are transparent, allowing produce to be seen, they can be stacked and also have modular qualities that keep kitchen worktops ordered to promote an organised approach to food storage.
  • The transformation of kitchen design towards an environment and products that foster social interaction; a relaxing, informal space that is uncluttered and incorporates hand-crafted products made from honest, natural materials in soothing colors. We love the stylish, informal serveware by Ladelle  as it essentially encourages us to embrace Mindfulness at home.
  • Functional products designed with purpose that also bring harmony, beauty and pleasure to everyday rituals such as Studio Blue Collection by Denby are key to this trend. We want to surround ourselves with and interact with products that can help us find a greater sense of wellbeing during an time of constant change, stress, complexity and fast-paced living … these beautiful products help bring ‘balance’ to our busy lives.

(Image – Studio Blue Collection by Denby)

Trend 2 – ECO 2.0 The Sustainable Kitchen

Our Trend ECO 2.0 explores how Designer’s, Manufacturer’s & Consumer’s choices can impact the environment. It advocates the reuse of waste materials, recycling, and is focused on sustainability. In every respect this trend links to Nature, natural materials and the benefits of Biophilic Design, as well as encouraging consumers to get out and connect with Nature in the Great Outdoors. The design direction shifts away from the overtly rustic style commonly associated with the eco design movement to greater refinement, control & precision.

(Image – Box Appetite by Black & Blum)

Here is a short video of some of the products we showcased on our ECO 2.0 Trend Display…

How to adopt a more sustainable approach in your Kitchen…

  • Firstly it’s worth knowing that the number of Vegans & Vegetarians continues to rise fast; more people are focusing on healthy diets and global cuisines;

more than 35% of people in Britain say they are Semi-Vegetarian / Flexitarian.

UK supermarkets have expanded their Vegetarian & Vegan offers and say demand for Vegetarian & Vegan ready meals & snacks is still increasing.

Therefore titles such as Cook Share Eat Vegan, Pharmacy Kitchen and The Seaweed Cookbook from Octopus Publishing are great books that address this food revolution. 

  • ‘On-the-go’ products such as the Box appetite range from Black & Blum are stylish, sustainable, high quality and are great for taking food to work, as well as road trips, hiking and camping trips. Camping is gradually repositioning itself and becoming increasingly popular with a broader spectrum of people looking to escape the urban environment, seeking opportunities to connect with nature and switch off from their busy, stressful lives.

– In 2017, 17 million camping trips were taken by UK adults and research predicts this figure will rise to over 21 million in 2021/22.

  • Using materials such as natural cork, bamboo, vegan leather and stainless steel addresses sustainability by not using plastic.
  • We’ll see a greater demand in the future for a variety of products that enable produce to be grown indoors – turning areas of our kitchens into vibrant ecosystems that will allow us to have a closer relationship with the food we eat, as well as tapping into the wellbeing benefits of Biophilic design. People pursuing healthier lifestyles care deeply about the source and sustainability of the food they eat and they are slowly starting to hold their kitchen products to the same standards of wellness and sustainability.
  • This is one of our favorites;  Véritable are leading the way in small scale indoor urban farming – enabling everyone to grow and enjoy a range of fresh produce including herbs, greens and baby vegetables that are always fresh and ready at home all year round.

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  1. 2019 have seen quite the selection of kitchen innovation. Now that 2020 is just around the corner, looking forward for next year’s trend. I’m betting blue will still be a staple in the kitchen scene.

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