Key 2013 Colour: Gucci Purple

zakandvWe selected Gucci Purple as 1 of the top 10 key colours for 2013. It includes varied tonal nuances and is very deceiving as it has sensuous hints of sparkle, richness and total lusciousness! The complex blending within the colour gives a variation in its shade from a deep intoxicating purple to a shimmering mulberry wine.

This colour can be bold and sophisticated with a masculine edge, but can equally appear extremely feminine as the rich, velvety appearance is very dramatic. Gucci Purple has obviously  emerged as a key colour in Fashion collections but it can also be enjoyed in your home via sophisticated statement pieces:js1600_Gucci_Purple_Montage_1.  Here is how to work the look:

 Gucci Autumn/Winter 2012/13; IMAGE 2: Bold Big-Game from Moustache; IMAGE 3: The Batucada Collection from Jahara Studio; IMAGE 4: Florian Shim Plate Purple from Lob Design; IMAGE 5: Circus floor lamp from FAÏENCERIE DE CHAROLLES (FdC); IMAGE 6: Peacock Chair Cappellini from Dror; IMAGE 7: Moc Crock Purple Faux from Hip Furniture; IMAGE 8: Storyteller by Isabel Quiroga; IMAGE 9: Old Hickory Tannery “Dahlia Purple” Chair from Horchow.


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3 thoughts on “Key 2013 Colour: Gucci Purple

  1. 🙂 it was a favourite wallpaper colour of LLB’s we recall

  2. Why does this colour really remind me of laurence llewelyn bowen? In a good way:)

  3. I agree with all the above – rich, sumptuous, bold and not just feminine. A room with additions of purple can look stylish and chic, match it with neutral tones or accent it with gold for the ultra glam look – fab colour :O)

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