How to use Consumer & Design Trends in Manufacturing

Recently we were invited to join Tektura Wallcoverings in a webinar hosted by the online commercial interiors magazine Design Insider. What a privilege, we were delighted to accept.

We’re invited to join panel discussions regularly, or to provide a presentation of design trend content in webinars; on the majority of occasions we politely decline. Not because we’re unappreciative of the opportunities, it’s just we feel that over the past few months there’s been an awful lot of ‘Trend webinars’ and no-one wants to be that ‘one-too-many-webinar’!

However, when Angela from Tektura got in touch, she had an idea in mind that was very different from the norm and we were keen to join in. Angela wanted to share with the commercial furniture community how, as designers & makers, they could engage with trend intelligence about the future of Lifestyle & Work for inspiration & ideas. As well as using it to de-risk product development and inform marketing strategy. Our team agreed that none of us had seen a webinar in which a Trend Agency had shared the detail of a trend story and then a manufacturer share how they’d used the intelligence, what it had inspired and how it manifested as commercial product.

It’s a 50 minute video so you might want to view this taking a couple of ‘commercial breaks’ for comfort … just watch 1 of the 3 parts at a time … or just FF trho it to sections of interest … Whatever works for you.

If at the end you have any questions just email them to Phil for an answer.

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