Highlights from Spring Fair 2020

Our team spent a couple of days attending Spring Fair; the UK’s leading home and gift show specific to the retail industry. This exhibition covers a whole host of different sectors including gift, home & living, stationery, cook & dine and fashion just to name a few. Its huge scale enables interior designers, buyers and contractors to network all under one roof; searching for latest innovations & new product launches, experiencing educational seminars and discovering a fresh talent of creative thinkers leading the industry.

Here are our highlights from the show with a focus on key colour trends…

Renewed Greens

Green will absolutely continue to trend. Green has been trending in both fashion and interiors for about 10 years when the ‘back to nature’ trend took hold and earthy colours were favoured because they are familiar, grounding and reassuring. Greens having been very earthy in the past, but we are now moving towards these richer, jungle, deep sea shades, that represent renewal.

It has become more important than ever before to re-invent our methods, re-use our waste and ultimately re-think our philosophy and values surrounding global sustainability. Biomimicry inspires textures, patterns, shapes and material innovation, we turn to the depths of nature found in the world’s oceans, and immerse ourselves in colours found in the underwater realms as well as on land.

Inspired by Water

’Hydration’ is a key concept and gaining momentum everywhere. The colours, patterns and textures used in the pictured collection above from My Gifts Trade reflect this fascination with the water world. We are more aware than ever before about what plastic pollution is doing to our oceans and so consumers draw inspiration from the sea to obtain the tranquility they are looking for. References to water come in the form of rippled textures, fluid fabrics and ocean-inspired prints.

Lucent Purples

Purples continue to grow in popularity; iced violet, frosted lilac, mauve pink and darkest purple. This is a palette that can be worked in multiple combinations to get different colour stories for both summer and winter seasons. Shimmers, metallics and iridescent finishes work well here. Cozy Living; seen at Spring Fair; use this colour in both deep velvet textures and tinted glass, combining high gloss metallics with tarnished / aged brass surface effects. We will see lilac evolve more into 2021 with a very new, technical, contemporary feel.

Clay & Concrete

There is a growing favour towards warm, clay tones that have an appealing softness. This understated cosmetic neutral; described by Pantone as ‘Toasted Almond’ works perfect when placed alongside pale concrete. These naked-look handmade ceramics by Bergs Potter are a great example of how this tone is used alongside forest green, dark terracotta and deep plum. Not only does this shade work for pots and planters but it also works great for tableware to create an authentic, comforting and natural style.

Warm Palette

Grounded, earth tones inspire our home decor choices. These essential hues are all about creating a comforting, reassuring environment; a harmonised and humble space that adheres to our health and wellbeing. This movement is also influencing tones of wood, metal and stone in a warmer direction. The craft and tactility of natural materials continues to add personality and character, there is a beautiful rawness to this cosy palette.

Sustainable Design & Ethical Practice

Part of our job as futurists is to raise awareness and promote the brands and businesses that focus on sustainable practice; supporting the people who are genuinely doing it correctly and for the right reasons… not green washing. It’s our ethical responsibility to endorse these eco-conscious companies that are working towards creating a circular economy and giving a second life to products or materials. It was refreshing to see so many exhibitors who truly embraced sustainable design, not only in their products but also in their packaging and within their stand display.

I particularly liked The Recycled Candle Company whose luxury candles are all made from 100% recycled wax collected from hotels, restaurants, churches, cathedrals and the public. Check them out!

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