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Flooring for Residential & Hospitality Spaces is a key element of a room’s ambiance and appeal. It can change how people feel in a space and arguably, has more visual impact potential than any other interior decor aspect.

For the past 2, even 3 decades, very few interior projects have begun with the selection of flooring. Back in the 60’s & 70’s (particularly on residential projects), flooring was the first consideration (source: my Gran!) This meant that flooring manufacturers and retailers enjoyed the biggest slice of whatever budget-cake was being shared out. If your product or service isn’t one of the first 2, or 3 elements of an interior scheme to be chosen, then you are not benefiting from the order-value that getting into one of those positions wins.

Many surveys reveal that Interior Designers & consumers say that their choice of flooring is influenced by material (hard or soft), design, color, texture, performance, location suitability, and then cost. And that until a scheme is finalised then any element of the decor can assume more importance … if they are shown why it should.

Design trends for interiors have longevity, they are not at all like fashion-trends in that respect, but in some elements they are very connected.

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The world around us influences us all of the time when we’re our ‘consumer’ self and it’s this influence that reinforces the design Trends identified by forecasters (like Scarlet Opus) 2 to 3 years before. What we see in museums, art galleries, the news, exhibitions, in magazines, on ‘TV’, high profile national & international events and many other areas. It influences the choices we make about food, decor, travel … almost everything. So designing product that is relevant to trends not only improves sales revenues, but provides a wealth of content with which to create engaging marketing activity, increase brand awareness and shareholder value. It also, connects brands to consumers in a meaningful and lasting way.

With flooring Design Trends relevant to the North American, European and Australasian market places in mind and with specific appeal in the Residential, Hospitality and Workplace sectors … I’d recommend manufacturers consider the materials, patterns and styles shown below for NPD, or re-coloring of existing lines. And I’d suggest to flooring retailers that they consider these flooring styles & looks when sourcing stock, samples and when merchandising.

Flooring (soft & hard surface) that provides one of these aesthetics: Giant Terrazzo, Shou Sugi Ban (heavily charred black wood), dark marbles (forest green, earthen colors), inky marbles and smoky-brown woods and color shades, retro geometrics in semi-bright colors and finally, end-grain still has very wide appeal as a surface finish/pattern.

Potentially even possible to create the charred-wood aesthetic on a rug or carpet
Terrazzo Evolves …

These suggestions will meet homeowner expectations for the next 18 months. They won’t cover every opportunity, but they will many. They’ll have sales-longevity, allowing you to confidently invest in stock and/or samples.

Our support is playing a crucial role in our client’s forward planning at a time when they’re facing what you are: the increased level of uncertainty & risk thrown into the mix by the global pandemic.

Choosing what products to make or sell involves a great deal of risk, uncertainty and sleepless nights.

Imagine what your business would look like if you knew exactly what your customers wanted to buy 2 years before they did! Your risks would be minimal, your costs would be under control, and you would have certainty that you were offering the right products at the right time to your customers.

What will consumers want for their #home & #garden over the next 18 months? What’s the future for hotels and restaurants?

We have the answers to these & many other questions … in specific regard to your business, your products, your marketing & your customers. Detailed, accurate, proven reports about the future of Living. Working. Playing. Consumer Product Trends.

If you aren’t sure yet, maybe this will help … can’t hurt (or cost!) to chat to us … Phil or victoria or call Phil +44 7896 088996.

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