NEW Home Design & Lifestyle Trend

7 minutes.

Would you invest 7 minutes of your time if the return on your investment was fantastic inspiration, ideas, and above all else … certainty?

The content in this video will provide that and more. It’s a ‘live’ consumer & design trend with 3-5 years’ longevity. It’s relevant for teams working in the Built Environment; residential, workplace, hospitality, education and health. Teams designing, making, marketing & selling products and services into these sectors will enjoy invaluable support, research & information to help de-risk your future business strategy.

Enjoy the video, the trend is one that will have mass appeal, it’s trans-seasonal with a strong wellbeing connection. We’re happy to share it with you. If after seeing it, engaging with the content ‘back at base’, experiencing the excitement & success of working with future trend intelligence; you’d like to explore engaging with the team here in a more tailored manner, please get in touch with Phil

A 7 minute Investment
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