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Today I Love… Bohemian Brights

The summer may be nearly over for us here in Europe but we are still inspired by this vibrant colour palette moving us towards Spring/Summer 2015. This fusion of digital and handcrafted elements creates a tribal, cultural aesthetic, with basket weaved, woven, tufted, fringed and beaded features.

These colours evoke creativity, passion and personalisation with the turquoise blue, vivid red and vibrant yellow used as accent colours though-out product and materials.



1. Rianne ten Haken by Petrovsky and Ramone Image courtesy of fashionfaves Blog 2. Superheros Series by Glimpt Studio 3. Image courtesy of weheartit blog 4. Invitations by Alejandra Suite available on Etsy 5. Textile by Amy Leigh Green  6. Accessorize printed cushions available at 7. Image courtesy of Aow Dusdee 8. Image courtesy of My Decorative Blog  9. PET bottle lamps by alvaro catalan de ocon 10. Scarlet Opus image

Pattern Design

Here are a few ideas of how to work the bohemian inspired designs into your surface pattern design including ideas for interior wallpaper, flooring design, fashion &, stationary products. This ‘clashing of culture’ look creates a wonderfully detailed mix of pattern inspired by travel.


1. Kerala Tapestry by Urban Outfitters 2. Soho Collection by Camp David 3. Flowers in the Mix Wallpaper by PiP Studio


How can you work this look into kitchenware products?

These colours look great when teamed up with bold patterns for dining and tableware. A collection of unique culture inspired bowls, plates and cups will brighten up any kitchen!


1. Origo Patterned Tableware by Alfredo Häberli 2. Bohemian Dinnerware 3. Image courtesy of


Lighting is a great way of subtly creating the perfect mood, you might consider these designs which would brighten up any interior setting, the bold colours and strong patterns are perfect for spring/summer 2015!


1. Lampshade by Rachael Taylor 2. PET bottle lamps by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon 3. Beaded Hanging Light available at Living Exclusive


And of course we don’t just want to see this look inside… why not take it outdoors as well. This is a perfect setting for summer outdoor dining, the bohemian brights create a relaxing yet vibrant party atmosphere where traditionalism takes on a new form in culture inspired colours, shapes and surface designs.


1. Image courtesy of Justina Blakeney 2. Le Versha Chair available at Anthropologie 3. World Travels Fast Lantern available at ModCloth

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