Today I Love… Marshmallow Pastels

Over the past couple of weeks we have seen lots of emerging designers and architects experimenting with foam as a material. Its soft, touchable qualities draw us in, offering comfort in exaggerated forms. Foam is an essential building material used for many different applications around the world and the experimentation of this material is being pushed to the boundaries.

We’ve seen architects use it for installations designed for child friendly exhibitions such as Sungsin Eo, product designers that are experimenting with tactile installations and fashion designers that combine a range of different materials to create inspiring shaped garments on the body.

I love the use of the pastel colours, they offer a quiet calmness that has a clean, pure impression rather than it being a feminine palette, it promotes a more experimental concept with tactile qualities in the materials, shapes and textures.

It’s fun, experimental and begging to be touched, sat on, and even worn!

The use of pastel colours are very on trend right now, check out how you can work these colours into your wardrobe and home here!



1. Form follows foam by Therese Granlund

2. Neoplasticism in foam by Katja Windau

3. Valeska Jasso Colladoby

4. Foam and Glass by Roos Gomperts Studio

5. Form follows foam by Therese Granlund

6. Foam and Glass by Roos Gomperts Studio

7.Stefanie Högl and Matthias Borowski for kollektiv plus zwei

8. Valeska Jasso Collado

9. Neoplasticism in foam by Katja Windau

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