100 Years From Now …

Towards the end of 2011 I was invited by Steelcase to be one of “100 Minds” participating in the “100 Dreams, 100 Minds, 100 Years,” project, which was an exploration into our world and work life 100 years into the future.

The project sought insights about the future from 100 people from around the world; these “100 Minds” imagined the world to come, creating a picture of the world of work and provided insights into the discoveries that lie ahead.

I wrote a short statement that I labored over for weeks – perhaps the most important 500 words I’ve written in my career as a Futurist.  I thought it would be interesting to share it again here, 7 years on from having written it, to see how far we’ve come already since then and the direction we are fast moving in.

100 years from now we’ll be intrinsically connected to each other and technology. We will have evolved beyond Capitalism and Consumerism.  There will be no monetary system.  No one charges for anything, we don’t pay or get paid for anything.  Life is no longer about working to make money to buy ‘stuff’.  It is about making the best decisions possible together to make systems work better, so we can enjoy our time together.   We are a Humanist society.”       

Above from left to right: Body Signal by by Clara Giaminardi.  Affirmation written by post author (Victoria Redshaw) in Pink Blush Stabilo pastel highlighter.  Pastel Grid clocks on Redbubble.                                            

“We print our food, products and clothing at home.  Robots undertake physical work to allow us time for Free Thinking and Play.”            

Above from left to right: Incredible dessert created by using 3D printed moulds by Dinara Kasko via a Ultimaker 3.  This dessert is by Natalia Shmathova and you can also follow Dinara’s insta feed here.   FOOD INK – 3D-Printing Restaurant featured in an excellent article about 3D food printers on DIGITAL TRENDS.  Robotic Kitchen from Moley.

“The need to control technological devices physically will have long ceased.  Our personal computer will be exactly that – implanted into our brains.  No need for a smart phone, Sat-Nav or laptop – our on-board computer does everything.  This will also facilitate huge advances in Augmented Reality, allowing the physical world to be visually scanned and digital displays of detailed information about people, products and buildings to be superimposed by our Minds-Eye.  All that we see and experience is recorded and saved – then select a time/date for total recall of past events and freeze frame scenes, even project this 3D Moment for other people to see, experience and walk around.          

There is no need to sit at a desk all day typing on a keyboard.  We simply sit in a quiet, relaxed, meditative state and mentally compose our messages for recipients to read or listen to and reply to.  We can connect to colleagues and friends via Aided Telepathy and chat together in virtual Think Sessions.” 

(Here’s a link to a good article about Brain-Computer Interfaces and if you’re interested in working on Elon Musk’s Neuralink project here is a list of positions they are looking to fill.)

Above from left to right: Image via Design And WhatNot.  Ilva Heitmann by Thomas Lohr for Tiger (NB. I have placed Einat Kessler’s ‘52 Words of Happiness‘ over the image in a transparent layer).  VELA screens designed by Bernhardt & Vella

“The old saying “I could do that in my sleep” finally becomes a reality as we split our night’s sleep into levels of Focused Dreaming and Recreational Dreaming.  At the Focused Dreaming level many communication tasks can be completed as well as designing and planning.  This frees us up during our waking work hours to meet colleagues for relaxed and enjoyable real life Think Sessions.  We have no offices.  We ‘come together’ in stimulating or relaxing spaces to truly interact – this is what the word ‘company’ now means; being in each other’s company and seeking improvement for all through our decision making.  We are all inventors, designers, policy makers and guardians of the law.”        


Above from left to right: sdominick/ Getty Images.  Lyrics from ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles.  Work Booth by CMS Cambridge.  

“Public transport finally rules the day and comes in the form of self-driving pods that deliver us to our chosen destination safely and on time.  Sit back, chat, watch a film, enjoy the scenery, have a nap, sift through your Aided Telepathy messages or print a snack.  All methods of travel create rather than use energy and every movement we personally make creates energy that is channeled and stored.”

Above from left to right: XchangE self-driving car concept by Rinspeed transforms into a mobile office so owners can make the most of their time on the road.  EVE – autonomous concept car from NIO.

“Sickness is eradicated.  When we begin to get ill our on-board computer picks up on the change to our system and immediately dispenses drugs stored internally.  Replacement organs are printed and incredible advances in Synthetic Biology means average life expectancy is 100+ years.” 

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