Pick of the Best Interiors Stores in Shanghai

After the panel discussion I took part in during CDW in the Summer I was approached by Sofie van der Velden, a design student seeking help gaining an internship in Shanghai.  Sofie eventually won herself an excellent internship and we agreed that whilst in Shanghai she would write a Guest Blog for us, giving her pick of the best interiors stores in the city.

Born in The Netherlands, but studying International Branding & Marketing Management at Teko Business + Design University in Denmark when I met her last summer, Sofie was just 19 when she boldy set off for Shanghai in August.  Prior to starting her internship in September she wisely took Chinese language classes at Donghua University and also immersed herself in the Chinese culture, which at first she found “a bit surreal but fascinating”.

Since arriving in Shanghai, Sofie has been visiting Interiors stores, gradually photographing them, conducting interviews with the owners, writing about her impressions and sending me her roving reports.  Today we are thrilled to share her wonderful report with you in full:

CLICK THIS LINK to enjoy Sofie’s full report from Shanghai (it will open-up in a separate window which you can enlarge to full screen size to view all the info & photos in detail).

HUGE thanks to Sofie van der Velden for putting together such a terrific report for us.  Great work Shanghai Sofie!!!

Be sure to check back next Monday when Zak (our rather excellent Intern) will be taking a look at several amazing photographers and then drawing inspiration from their work to create unusual colour palettes and looks for Interiors which are sure to inspire you!  Get ready for some Winter Floral Fabulousness!

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